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The Lake in Switzerland - Who We Are!

The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Switzerland SMJA is a joint member of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance lMJA.

Its aim is to gather Jews believing in Yeshua (Jesus) as members and also Gentiles who are grafted into the Olive tree roots of our hebraic faith, as associate members.

The association has no intention to replace other existing Messianic groups, but has the desire to create unity amongst Messianic believers.

We are convinced of the necessity to bind together Jews and Gentiles believing in Yeshua, to be witnesses amongst our People, through demonstrating love and unity.

We have a desire to see each believer embrace a Messianic expression of their faith in Yeshua. Our calling is to transmit our Jewish culture to our children and the next generation.

Messianic believers should stand together and have fellowship with one another.
If you share our vision, and you feel called to join us, please take this opportunity to apply for membership.

Shalom in Yeshua!
The Committee


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